October 25, 2006

Mama said there'd be days like this...

It's hard to feel poised when you are juggling the grocery bags and a purse and the handouts from the grade database training while trying to hold the baby's hand to keep him from running into the street.

It's hard to feel desirable when there is glue on your hand from helping with the nature collage and your lipstick has faded and there is a run in your stockings.

It is hard to feel pretty when you've had to skip your hairwash because you overslept and your allergies are making your eyes too dry to accomodate your contact lenses.

It's hard to feel confident when your head hurts and you are retaining water and you find it hard to concentrate and you aren't sure whether you can get dinner cooked in time once you get home from work.

Sometimes, it's just hard.

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