February 19, 2007

Work it

In the interest of accountability, let me just say that I don't expect to turn into a smokin' hot mama without some effort. I don't expect my ass to suddenly perk up, my abs to miraculously tighten or my triceps to become firm and jiggle free.

I'm almost four years postpartum. It's time to move past the ravages of childbearing and reclaim my body. So, I am committing to the following:

- at least 4 workouts per week (they may be small workouts, since my time is crunched during the workweek, but I have a batch of 10 minutes spot workouts that fit the bill)
- a real breakfast every morning. Not a toaster pastry, not a handful of oatmeal raisin cookies midmorning when I'm starving from having skipped eating earlier, an honest-to-God breakfast. Cereal, maybe. Or toast with peanut butter. Or a scrambled egg.
- limit of one soda per day, maximum.
- only one stop per week at the coffee bar. Those lattes and mochas add up.

MILF-watch 2007 has officially begun.

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