March 24, 2007

Come on, get happy!

Yesterday: quitting time. Time for giant blue drinks at two dollars off!

OK, not really. But by Tuesday, Natalie and I had determined that we were going to need to unwind from the hellish week, so we told a few people that we were planning to go to the local billiard cafe. A few people ditched us, a few were tentative, but we planned on going regardless. When I dropped a reminder to the boys, Casey promised that they would "make a cameo" after they had the final offsite meeting with our new employee from the international office.

Natalie and I hit the cafe a bit earlier than planned, and SURPRISE, the boys were already there. As the beers went down, so did the inhibitions. No holds barred- we talked about which VP's were asses and which ones have hot asses, whether the female companion of one senior executive was his beard or an actual romantic interest, and some guilt trips for the fact that Isaac was the only of the boys who noticed my new haircut (overall vote: Casey wants it grown out, Isaac was it to stay short, and Tyler was the only one smart enough to say that both styles look good).

Final verdict? The venue got a thumbs-up, but we need to do this way more often.

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