January 25, 2007

Dream a little dream

The dream started tame enough, although still a bit peculiar. It took place at my office, but the layout was much larger, so my cubicle area had a lot of empty floor space nearby. Which is kind of strange, since space is at such a premium right now. I was sitting on the floor with some of the meeting planning staff (one of whom, in reality, has left the company) putting together some sort of...holiday gift boxes or something. Whatever.

And in the dream, Casey passed by. You remember Casey, don't you? Casey from the hotel bar at the conference last fall? Casey who commented on the pencil in my hair? Casey who held our good-bye hug after the Christmas party happy hour a bit longer than typical co-workers do? Yeah, that Casey. Anyway, the dream turned a bit more...interesting after that.

Casey walked by, and he breezily said hello to the people I was working with. And he tightly said hello to me, as though it was an effort to do so. And I awkwardly said hi to him, as if I wished he hadn't spoken in the first place. That, too, was a bit odd. I don't recall us having every really been tense with each other like that. Our last conversation ended a bit abruptly, but our brief hallway meetings since then haven't been awkward at all. So, back to the dream.

I had to go to my cubicle to get something from my purse. And who did I find there? Why, it's Casey. Leaving me a note. A note to say...something. I don't know what, I didn't get a chance to read it. Because he stopped writing it and said "I was just leaving you a note." To which I replied, "But now you don't have to because...I'm here."

And then we were kissing and leaning against my cube wall. Right in the middle of the marketing department. And people passed by on their way to the printer, and no one seemed at all taken aback by the make-out session happening in front of their eyes.

Then my alarm went off.

Oh, and guess who was unexpectedly in the office today, for the first time in two weeks? Hello, Casey.

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