January 30, 2007

For he is Dan, doer of good things were women are concerned

Casey wasn't at the office today, but Dan was there when I stopped in to say hi to the Marketing boys.

Dan's a good looking man. His girlfriend used to work here, and she's a good looking woman, and the two of them are so cute together that it's like bunnies ought to be flying out of their asses. Seriously.

Dan's a guy's guy sometimes, chatting about the ballgame or cars or his new stereo. But Dan is a girl's guy, too. He knows the difference between tan and ecru. He understands the appropriateness of buying Mrs. Fields cookies for the women close to him to cheer them up. And today he noticed that I had cut my hair, and told me it looked good. (The Husband wasn't sure that I had cut it, and he sees me every day.) It's nice to have Dan around.

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