February 1, 2007

Oh. My. Damn.

Right before quitting time today,
I kissed Casey.

Holy, shit.
I kissed him. Which should not have me this freaked out, since we did a lot more in that hotel room at the conference, but somehow it is a huge deal that
I went into his office and I shut the door and walked over to where he was sitting in front of his computer and

I can't really say it was impulsive, since I had thought about doing it earlier in the day and had even made sure the blinds were closed when he left for his meeting in case I decided to actually go through with it, and I even stopped in the ladies room after lunch to use some mouthwash, but I still can't believe that I. Kissed. Casey.

I had toyed it over in my mind, just goofing around, how funny it would be if we were alone in a room or the elevator or whatever, and I just planted a fabulous kiss on him right before confidently walking out the door leaving him gaping speechlessly, like what you see in the movies and such.

Which is not exactly how it happened.

Casey showed up at the office mid-morning, which I knew he would today because I knew he had a late morning meeting with his supervisor. And I saw him come in and I checked out the view when he leaned over to plug in his laptop.

When I stopped in to say "hi," as I always do with all the boys- not just Casey, since I'm friendly that way- we made flirty small talk. He asked if I'd had any more dreams lately. I hated to burst his bubble, but...no. I asked if he'd been dreaming of me. My bubble was not burst, even though he said "no."

"I don't have dreams," he said.

"Sure you do," I told him, "you just don't remember them. Which supports that you haven't been dreaming about me. If you'd been dreaming of me, you'd remember." (Talk about false bravado!)

As we were talking, Shel came by my cube to find me. She saw me in Casey's office as she went to leave, and she gave me the paperwork she'd been coming to deliver and she teased me about how I spent my time chatting instead of working. Casey acted offended that he wasn't the only one I spent my time with. Shel, too, made small talk with Casey, letting him know about the ultrasound she'd had since his last time in the office, when she found out for sure that she's carrying a girl. After she left, joking about how crazy I was to have had three kids, since she was freaking out about having two, Casey asked about the kids, verifying how many I have and how old they were and such. I admitted that the last one was...not planned, and that I made sure that I was really done this time.

"No more pregnancies for me," I said firmly. "Now I get to work on being a MILF."

"Sounds like you're well on your way," he said.

And I went back to work. And thought again about whether to stop back into his office at lunch, since none of his officemates were around. But he had an impromptu lunch meeting instead. During the course of the afternoon, we passed each other in the hallways a few times, catching each others' eyes. He dropped into my cubicle to borrow a Post-It note, the stapler, an interoffice envelope a few times.

It was close to the end of the day, and I knew I needed to leave on time. He was not in his office when I was logging off and gathering my stuff to take home. Then I heard him return to his desk.

I walked into the office, and leaned back against the door, shutting it quietly behind me. He looked up, slightly curiously.

"Hi," I said, my voice slightly husky with nervousness. "I...just wanted to...say good-bye before I left." I walked closer and leaned back against the desk next to his chair. "I didn't want you to let Shel give you the impression that I treat everyone the way I treat you, that you weren't...special..." and I leaned closer and
full on the mouth
and took a step back and took a breath. And then I turned to leave.

"Well. I...have to say that are well on your way. You are definately a fucking MILF."

I blushed slightly.

"And by the way," Casey said, "you can stop in and do that anytime you'd like. But right now, I can't stand up quite yet."

Sweet mother of God,
I kissed Casey.
And it certainly got his attention.

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